2016 Annual Report

Health Equity in a Rapidly Changing Context

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The Primary Care Coalition (PCC) is committed to ensuring access to care and health equity for under-resourced members of our community. Over the years, PCC has adapted to changes in health care policies as well as local, state, and national leadership; yet, our mission focus has remained constant.

We are, once again, on the precipice of change. This annual report highlights our accomplishments during FY2016 and describes the ways PCC programs have adapted to the Affordable Care Act since its implementation began in 2013. Now, the future of the ACA seems uncertain, and we do not yet know what the future of health care will look like. Whatever the future holds, PCC’s vision of a community in which all residents have the opportunity to live a healthy life remains unchanged.

  • Care for Kids grew by 23 percent in the last year, serving 4,824 children. More than 1,500 children enrolled in CFK for the first time, and many of them were recent immigrants who were new in our County, bringing significant health care needs. Program staff streamlined the enrollment process and strengthened relationships with the many generous providers and professionals who provide the services these children need.
  • Montgomery Cares provided health care for 24,000 low-income residents during the year. Participating clinics continued to show improvement in quality measures for services provided. Pharmacy services, specialty care, and behavioral health care continue to augment the Montgomery Cares program and contribute to our community’s health.
  • The PCC facilitated a planning process with all six Montgomery County hospitals and many community partners that developed Nexus Montgomery, a new collaborative partnership aiming to improve population health and manage health care costs. The PCC will provide overall management for the Nexus Montgomery partnership. The planning work in the last year significantly expands PCC’s partnerships with hospitals, providers, and community organizations, and it positions our community for creative work to improve population health.

Proud of the PCC’s accomplishments, we look forward to the opportunities ahead. The future promises significant changes and challenges for PCC’s mission. Locally, PCC has enjoyed strong support from our elected officials. Yet we anticipate significant turnover in leadership, requiring that we, and our partners, redouble our efforts to demonstrate the importance and return-on-investment associated with making Montgomery County the healthiest county in the nation. Nationally, we anticipate significant changes to health financing, which heightens the importance of PCC, safety-net clinics, hospitals, and our other
community partners.

The PCC’s clear commitment to mission and our capacity to adapt to changing circumstances prepare us to meet these challenges – creatively, responsibly, and effectively – so that high quality health care remains available to all.

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Steven M. Lieberman,

Chair, PCC Board of Directors