PCC Position Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Consistent with and in furtherance of the mission and objectives of the Primary Care Coalition (PCC), we make this statement upholding PCC’s core values of diversity and inclusion.

The PCC envisions a community in which all residents have the opportunity to live healthy lives. The PCC upholds the principles of diversity, inclusion, and respect for people from all cultures and backgrounds and recognizes that these values are directly related to the health of every individual and the health of the community as a whole.

The PCC denounces hate speech, hate crimes, and harassment, and rejects bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, and religious intolerance. Experiences of discrimination, neighborhood disorder, fear of deportation, and other social determinants of health are chronic stressors that detrimentally affect the mental and physical health of community members. Conversely, social support and inclusion mitigate these risks.

As an advocate for health equity, the PCC firmly believes that individuals should never be afraid to seek medical or mental health care; however, we recognize that when hateful rhetoric and harassment are prevalent in society it creates a barrier for people of diverse backgrounds to seek services from public institutions.

The PCC recognizes that for health safety-net programs to effectively serve the community, community members of all races, ethnicities, and religions must feel safe when interacting with the programs and trust the institutions that operate them.

Therefore, in accordance with our mission to be a catalyst for the development and coordination of a community-based health care system that strives for universal access and health equity, consistent with and to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law, the PCC will

  • Uphold the principles of diversity, inclusion, respect, and health equity and collaborate with other community organizations striving to uphold these principles
  • Have no role in enforcing federal immigration law
  • Protect the personal information of patients and clients
  • Educate diverse community members of their right to health care
  • Educate elected officials and community leaders about the impact of policies that promote fear and division on the health of our community
  • Foster and maintain trust among people of all backgrounds
  • Equip Board members, staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders with appropriate information, resources, and tools to safely denounce acts of discrimination or harassment if they witness it
  • Actively advocate for health equity for all community members
  • Oppose policy or regulatory changes that could stigmatize or discriminate against people of diverse backgrounds
  • Communicate proactively and transparently with patients and clients about any programmatic or policy changes that may impact them

Each member of the PCC community shares in the responsibility of upholding the values of diversity and inclusion and protecting the individual freedoms and dignity of our diverse neighbors.