Thought to Action: Innovation Fund and Speaker Series In Honor of Steve Galen

Thought to Action Speaker Series

Picture of Steve GalenCollaboration is the key to success and engaging in meaningful conversations is the first step in creating effective collaborative efforts that eventually lead to established programs for the greater good. Thought to Action will be an annual three part series highlighting innovative    concepts and approaches to health care. Through this series the PCC will mobilize health care leaders and decision makers by providing opportunities to learn about new, innovative approaches to solving commonly faced challenges and a venue for discussion about how to address these challenges in Montgomery County .

Transforming Health Care Delivery in Montgomery County

Montgomery County, Maryland is known for being one of the most affluent counties in the country, and the world. But within this community of great wealth are pockets of extreme poverty. The most vulnerable members of our community frequently lead medically and socially complex lives. Without access to primary and preventive health services their health declines. The Primary Care Coalition works to create a health care safety-net that provides a continuum of care high quality and culturally appropriate care for vulnerable Montgomery County Residents.

Recognizing the need for primary care services for low-income, uninsured Montgomery County residents, Steve led the PCC’s access to care initiatives with the  Rewarding Work program (2001-2004) which evolved into Montgomery Cares in 2005, with backing from the County. Steve’s dedication and leadership have helped the program grow into a strong public private partnership that serves nearly 30,000 people and is composed of 12 independent safety-net clinics, five hospitals, a variety of independent providers, the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, and the PCC.

The work did not stop with the creation of Montgomery Cares. Over the past nine years Steve has led the PCC and collaborated with a variety of community partners to continually push the safety-net system forward. From the creation of a quality improvement program, to the integration of a point-of service pharmacy at safety-net clinics, to efforts to increase access to specialty and behavioral health care, and the introduction of a shared electronic medical record, Montgomery County’s health care safety-net has flourished as a result of the hard work of many partners working together to realize Steve’s vision of a Montgomery County in which all residents have the opportunity to live healthy lives.

Recent Events

The Synergy Between Care, Health, and Cost: Innovative Design for the Triple Aim

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Featured Speaker: Tom Nolan, PHD;  Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement; Member, Associates in Process Improvement
Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A healthy population is essential for a vibrant community and healthy economy.  Montgomery County has committed substantial resources to low income county residents for achieving health. At the same time, hospitals in the county have been restructuring their financial and clinical operations to reduce the growth of health care costs. These efforts are not enough to overcome the new challenges of rapid increases in poverty and the ambitious goals of health care cost containment associated with Maryland’s new all payer model for hospital payments (Maryland Medicare Waiver.) The Triple Aim is a three-pronged framework that can help shift the focus from independent action to the design of a high value health system.

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