Steven M. Lieberman, MA, MPhil

Steve Lieberman focuses on health care analysis and policy as President of Lieberman Consulting, Inc. and as Visiting Scholar in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform.  After government service spanning almost 30 years, Steve served as the Deputy Executive Director for Policy and Analysis at the National Governors Association and as a health care consultant focusing on quantitative and policy analysis.  His federal service included designing the new Medicare drug benefit at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and leading the health staffs at the Congressional Budget Office and the White House Office of Management and Budget.  He worked as the Vice President of Marketing and of Government Programs for a publicly traded HMO and ran managed care and physician (network) operations for an academic health center. He received a bachelor’s degree from Yale University and graduate degrees from both Yale and the University of California, Berkeley.