An Engine of Improvement

Achieving health equity for all community members

MTM Area 2Everyone has a right to high quality health care regardless of their race, ethnicity, country of origin, or income status. The PCC and its partners are committed to providing a safety-net health care system that achieves national quality standards and delivers high quality care for low-income individuals. The PCC’s approach to quality is multi-faceted and includes ongoing quality assurance reviews of administrative, financial, and clinical standards at safety-net clinics, and a network infrastructure that includes a shared electronic health record (EHR).

Network Infrastructure — The PCC provides the administrative support and network infrastructure that allows the safety-net clinics participating in Montgomery Cares to work as a unified system of care. The PCC’s dedicated health informatics team works to improve data capture and analysis across the Montgomery Cares system. From scheduling tools to facilitate specialty care referrals, to a care coordination platform, to a system-wide health information exchange that enables providers at different participating clinics to access patients’ electronic health records, the PCC health informatics staff develops and supports the technological infrastructure to improve the quality and efficiency of care. Quality Assurance — In addition to performing annual Quality Assurance Reviews at all Montgomery Cares participating clinics, the PCC meets quarterly with Montgomery Cares Medical Directors to discuss quality-related issues including clinical processes and outcome measures, best practices, and common challenges. The PCC conducts regular on-site reviews at each Montgomery Cares clinic to:

  • Assess the quality of care
  • Establish priorities for improvement
  • Inform policy and funding decisions
  • Provide objective assessment of changes over time

The PCC and clinic Medical Directors have selected measures for annual reporting and track performance against Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) Medicaid benchmarks. Ten measures of chronic, preventive, and wellness care are tracked and published annually. The PCC is an engine of improvement, driving the safety-net system to provide high-quality care. Since 2008 the PCC has tracked year-over-year improvements In most clinical measures, with performance now reaching or exceeding HEDIS Medicaid targets in diabetes and hypertension care.