Donations to the PCC are gratefully accepted, and we thank you for supporting our work to connect people who lack access to adequate health services to the care and treatment they need. You can expect PCC Board Members, staff, and volunteers to treat you and your gift with respect, professionalism, and privacy.

The Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County, Maryland, Inc. (PCC) respects the privacy of our donors. We collect donor contact information in order send appropriate acknowledgement and appreciation of all gifts received. Donors may opt out of public recognition when making their gift or later by contacting the PCC. We will not publish the names or giving levels of individual donors who do not wish to be publicly recognized. We may send future communications with programmatic updates and other information about our organization and our work. Donors may opt out of receiving these communications at any time by contacting the PCC Manager of Communications and Development. PCC does not share or sell its donor list. Changes to this policy will require approval by the PCC Board of Directors.

FY17 Individual Donors (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017)

Elizabeth A. Allaben

Beth Barnett

Shawn Bartley

Valerie Barton and Sean Schofield

Francine S. Berger

Marc Berk

Toby Berman

Shirley Blakely

Jonathan Blum

Richard and Elizabeth Bohrer

George Borababy

Mary Brousseau

Betsy Carrier

Nicholas R. Clifford

Tony Conrad

Lawrence and Dolores Dangelo

Edward and Carrie Diaz

Julia Doherty

Linda Engel

Thomas and Mary Fleisher

Richard F. Gillum

Maria S. Gomez

Beverly and Ken Goodrich

Melissa Graves

Gayle and Richard Heflin

Maria S. Gomez

Beverly and Ken Goodrich

Melissa Graves

Gayle and Richard Heflin

Louis Hemstreet

Kathryn Grill Hoeppel

Arva Jackson

Jeffrey Karns

Mansfield and Dianne Kaseman

Gerda KeiswetterDavid Kleinberg

Tristram Kruger

Andrew and Elizabeth Latimer

Paul Lauria

M.K. Lee

Isiah and Catherine Leggett

Reuven and Sheila Lev-Tov

Thomas and Joan Lewis

Steven Lieberman

Wilbur and Vivian Malloy

James and Cynthia Marrinan

Carolyn M. Mergel

Roberta Milman

Wendell C. Mohr

Joseph R. Moran

Judith Morenoff

Fitzhugh and Irene Mullan

James and Ellen Myerberg

Allen Myers

Frederic Parsons

Sheila Rowny

Peter Boyce and Mary Saffell

Anne T. Sawyer

Leon and Patricia Schofield

Jerome and Cathy Shier

Robert Silberfarb

Barbara and Donald Turnbull

Robert and Nancy Turner

Paul and Janet Valette

GJ and RJ Verfuerth

Edward and Ping Wan

Jean and Carl Withee