Project Access Resources

Project Access is a specialty care referral network administered by the Primary Care Coalition (PCC). It is composed of a dedicated group of health care specialists, local hospitals, and diagnostic facilities that participate in a coordinated effort to provide specialty care to low-income and uninsured members of our community. Project Access helps these individuals gain timely access to specialty care, potentially avoiding acute hospitalizations and expensive medical bills.


Patients referred to Project Access must be eligible for programs coordinated by the Primary Care Coalition (e.g. Montgomery Cares and Nexus Montgomery). Montgomery Cares patients are automatically eligible for specialty care through Project Access. Patients receive health care through these programs because they are uninsured and ineligible for federal safety-net programs such as Medicaid.

Project Access Patient’s Responsibilities


Clinics participating in Montgomery Cares provide primary care to these patients. Once the primary care provider (PCP) determines the patient’s need for specialty care, the clinics refer the patient to Project Access, which coordinates an appointment with a specialist in our network.

Project Access Referring Clinic Manual

Nexus Montgomery

Project Access is administered by the Primary Care Coalition and funded by Nexus Montgomery and the Montgomery County DHHD. Nexus Montgomery is a collaborative effort among the six hospitals operating in Montgomery County and a variety of community-based organizations including the PCC and Project Access.

Eligible Prince George’s County Zip Codes in Nexus Montgomery 

Nexus Montgomery Clinic Locations  (English)

Nexus Montgomery Clinic Locations (Spanish)

Nexus Montgomery Urgent Referral Checklist for Hospitals