The Community

The Primary Care Coalition is responding to the needs of a growing number of vulnerable, uninsured residents living in an affluent community. Montgomery County, Maryland is:

  • Home to the largest number of low-income, uninsured residents in Maryland
  • 75,000 residents live in poverty
  • 138,000 residents have incomes below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level
  • 27,000 households receive food stamps

We still need safety-net health care!

Although the Affordable Care Act has extended health coverage to many people, thousands of people remain uninsured.

In Montgomery County, 60,000 low-income residents do not have access to federal and state health coverage. Some have been green card holders for less than fiveĀ  years. Some have behavioral health problems that make it difficult to keep their insurance coverage current. Some are unable to provide the documents needed to enroll in coverage due to homelessness or other barriers. But they are all members of our community and deserve access to high-quality and equitable health care.

With the support of the Montgomery County Government, local hospitals, foundations, and individual donors, we have an opportunity to make sure there are no more invisible patients.