Patient Stories

Elma’s Story

Behavioral Health Patient

“I’m grateful to everyone who has helped me. I’m grateful to God. I feel good.”

After suffering a leg injury, Elma became desperately depressed. Without a job and a steady income, she could not save enough money to send back to her family in Guatemala. “If I can’t work” she thought to herself, “If I can’t help my family, it would be better to die.” She told her doctor what she was feeling and was quickly referred to the Montgomery Cares Behavioral Health Program.

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Azarnoosh’s Story

Breast Cancer Survivor

“They do whatever they’re supposed to do for patients in these clinics to help them, and that is why I’m still here.”

When Azarnoosh found a tumor in her breast she didn’t know where to turn. She had recently lost two close friends to breast cancer and, as an Iranian immigrant with a low-income and no health insurance, she knew the cost of treatment would be much more than she could afford.

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Carol’s Story

Medicine Access Patient

“I want to emphasize that I am very grateful to MedBank, it has helped me so much. For all the years they have helped me and have helped me in ways I may not even know about!”

As a small business owner, Carol never had health insurance; this wasn’t a problem until she developed high blood pressure in the early 2000s. Carol’s primary care doctor prescribed blood pressure medications, and at first Carol purchased the medicine herself, but the financial pressure of buying an expensive brand name medicine month after month took its toll.

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Humberto’s Story

Project Access Patient

“I am very satisfied with Project Access because they coordinated finding a specialist for me, which I would never have been able to find or afford by myself. Project Access returned my hopes.”

Since coming to the United States, Humberto has always faced economic and social barriers to accessing medical care. When a lesion developed on his vocal chords, making it difficult to speak, he didn’t know where to turn.

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